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New LS World Record: 6.73@203 MPH!

Writer: John Ryan, Photographer: Andreas Arthursson

Posted at 9:38 AM / September 7, 2011

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The LS community crowns a new KING!
The LS community crowns a new KING!

The LS community now has a new top dog for quickest LS-powered ride, and he hails from Sweden. Andreas Arthursson has been well known over the last several years posting online about his first LS-powered combo, a 1962 big tire Chevy II (we all want to call it a Nova but it's a Chevy II). This long time racer retired his Chevy II in 2010, which had run a stout 7.47@202 MPH. While extremely pleased with the performance of his twin turbo LS-swapped performer, Andreas decided to set his sights on the longstanding record of Mike Moran. Mike Moran had cranked off a blistering 6.86@205 MPH back in 2006 utilizing a W2W race mill and a pair of 80mm turbos stuffed into his well known Casper race car.

Andreason put his new build a Monte Carlo together using many of the same parts that had propelled his Nova to its strong 202 MPH performance. His new chassis was to be much more aerodynamic than the old Nova, which cut through the air quickly despite it's early 60's styling. The Monte Carlo weighs in at 2550, in line with most tube chassis cars. The body was made by Glasstek and replicates a 1997 Monte Carlo.

The new build features an LSX block stuffed with Callies Dragonslayer 3.825 crankshaft, GRP aluminum rods, and a 4.125" bore Diamond Pistons. This engine, built by AES Racing and PPF, runs a set of TFS 235 cathedral port heads that have been CNC ported. An intake build by PPF houses a set of Bosch 2200 CC injectors. A Weldon 2345 fuel pump along with an MSD voltage booster round out of the fuel system. Andreas uses a Vipec V88 ECU and a set of MSD 8245 coils to fire this beast.

A pair of Precision PT7675 billet T4 turbos running .96 A/R are controlled by a set of their 46mm waste gates.
Precision PT7675 billet T4 0.96 A/R turbos on PPF stainless manifold with Precision 46mm wastegates. And since leaded fuel is illegal in Europe, this combo is running 203 MPH on no less than Sunoco GT+ 104 unleaded! Andreas estimates that this combination is currently making about 1800 horsepower.

Sizzling 1.07 and quicker 60 foot times have been achieved with a help of some Mickey Thompson 34.5 x 17 ET slicks and some 25 x 4.5 front runners.

What's next? Andreas plans to beat his own record before years end, he has plans to build a new intercooler as the combination is seeing internal air temperatures over 220F.

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