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Dyno Test: Bolt-On Modifications for 2010 Camaro SS

Writer: Tony Whatley, Photographer: Author

Posted at 9:22 AM / August 9, 2009

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We put the project 2010 Camaro SS on the rollers
We put the project 2010 Camaro SS on the rollers

On Saturday Aug 8, Late Model Racecraft held a dyno day and invited all of the Houston area enthusiasts over to spin the rollers and check out the new shop location. Despite the 100F temperatures, the crowds still showed up and many nice cars were seen.

We decided to put the Planet LSX project 2010 Camaro SS on the dyno too. We did a baseline dyno test a few weeks ago, while the car was completely stock. The results back then were 353 rwhp and 355 ft-lbs.

This time around, we had our MBRP dual 3" catback exhaust system installed, as well as a set of American Racing long-tube headers with catalytics. The computer tune is still stock, and the airbox on the engine was still stock. These exhaust modifications resulted in an improvement of +28 rwhp and +11 ft-lbs torque. The numbers were 381 rwhp and 366 ft-lbs.

While the Camaro was still strapped on the dyno, we decided to swap out the stock airbox with one of LMR's cold air intake systems. Three of their techs jumped on the install and it took 5 minutes to complete. After a little rolling through the gears, the new results were 402 rwhp and 389 ft-lbs torque. That is a net gain of +21 rwhp and +23 ft-lbs from just swapping the airbox!

Needless to say, I think we have found the bottleneck on the Camaro SS. It seems that the factory airbox chokes the engine quite a bit, once exhaust modifications are made. The Camaro still has the factory computer tune, which makes this a true 400 rwhp bolt-on combo. Gotta love LSX engine technology.

Up next, we will install the MagnaCharger TVS2300 supercharger system. Stay tuned...

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